Amateur Radio Operating license – Next course.

Next course : – 15th & 16 February 2020.

Location : – 5 Idris Road, Fendalton, Christchurch.
(NZART Branch 05 Clubrooms )

Cost:- $30 All course material and exam (this includes the course booklet). $95 Lifetime radio amateur license this includes one year’s membership of NZART, as well as one year’s membership of the Christchurch Amateur Radio Club (currently $25).

A weekend course to obtain an Amateur Radio Operating license. Run by the Christchurch Amateur Radio Club. This course gives basic instruction in radio & electronics aimed at the Radio Amateur Exam and will conclude in an opportunity to take the exam and gain an Radio Operator’s Certificate of Competency. A text book with all the course material plus the exam question bank (600 questions from which 60 will be selected) is available from the club in advance.

For registration please contact

Rory Deans ZL3HB on 03 3446292 or
Mike Duncan ZL3MWD on 03 3384942 or