Amateur Radio Examination guide for beginners.

The following is a list of resources to help the beginner prepare for the Amateur Radio Operators Examination.

Download Examination Generation System – Exam generator

Installing the Examinations software:

This software is intended for NZART Examiners, but can also be used by anyone to generate sample tests for their own practice. This version released in August 2018 replaces all earlier versions. If you have already downloaded a previous version, please delete it. Download and install this one instead. To delete the previous copy, simply move the folder “nzartx” which will have been created on the drive you chose, into the recycle bin. Instructions for installing this version are in ‘Intructions.txt’ file inside the zip [above].

Exam Question Bank and Study Guides available from NZART.

NZART Questionbank – Full Version

The full question bank, with answers:

NZART Questionbank – No Answers

The question bank, without answers, useful for study:

NZART Study Book

The NZART Study book: [A hard copy of the study book will be provided by the club with exam course materials.]

Where do I get more information?

The New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters (Inc.) is a non-profit association of Amateur Radio Operators.

NZART has clubs and instructors in most larger cities and towns.

For more information on Amateur Radio and details of club and licensing courses, contact the Branch Secretary.

Email :

or write to:

The Secretary
Christchurch Amateur Radio Club
P.O. Box 1733,
Christchurch 8015
New Zealand