Canterbury Area Repeaters & Beacons.

Canterbury is well served with a number of repeaters provided by a number of the local Radio Clubs. Canterbury Repeater Map

With the increased commercial traffic on VHF UHF and the proliferation of remote control devices on 433MHz it has become necessary to implement CTCSS on repeater inputs to prevent nuisance triggering. Tone is also present on some repeater outputs to allow operators avoid interference from the same sources. Split gate CTCSS is also implemented on some repeaters, this provides reduced receive gating sensitivity without CTCSS present and full sensitivity with CTCSS present.

To help understanding here is pdf of a QST article on CTCSS..


Name: Christchurch 705. [Most popular calling channel in Christchurch]
Frequency: 147.050MHz.
Split: +600KHz.
CTSS Tone 123Hz Split gate tone required for maximum sensitivity.
Location: Marleys Hill, Port Hills, Christchurch.

Name: Canterbury 725.
Frequency: 147.250MHz.
Split: +600KHz.
CTCSS tone 123Hz Tone required to access.
Location: Herbert Peak, Banks Peninsular, Canterbury.
Notes: Solar Powered.

Name: North Canterbury 6975 [More information on Branch 68’s web site].
Frequency: 146.975MHz.
Split: -600KHz.
Location: Mt Nobel, North Canterbury.

Name: Timaru 695.
Frequency: 146.95MHz.
Split: -600KHz.
Location: Mt Studholm South Canterbury.

Name: Tekapo 680 Linked to Canterbury 5625.
Frequency: 146.80MHz.
Split: -600KHz.
Location: Mt Rollesby, South Canterbury.

Name: Canterbury 5625 IRLP Node 6900 [Linked to Tekapo 680].
Frequency: 145.625MHz.
Split: -600KHz.
Location: Cass Peak Port Hills Canterbury.


Name: Christchurch 875 [National System Christchurch local port].
Frequency: 439.875MHz.
CTCSS tone 123HZ is required to access full receiver sensitivity.
Split: -5MHz.
Location: Marleys Hill, Port Hills, Christchurch.
Notes: Part of the National System.

Name: Christchurch DMR Repeater ZL3DMR.
Frequency: 439.700MHz.
Split: –5MHz.
Location: Mt Cavandish, Port Hills, Christchurch.

Name: Cass Peak 850. [Echo Link Node 101553]
Frequency: 438.500MHz.
Split: -5MHz.
Location: Marleys Hill, Port Hills, Christchurch.

Name: Christchurch 840 [Digital repeater DMR, D-Star, Fusion, P25, Motorola Nexis. (Currently off air)]
Frequency: 438.400MHz
CTCSS 85.5 Split gate.
Split: -5MHz.
Location: Cass Peak, Port Hills, Christchurch.

Name: Mt Nobel 870.
Frequency: 438.700MHz.
Split: -5MHz.
Location: Mt Nobel, North Canterbury.
Notes Linked to Greymouth.


Name (Alias): APRS ZL3APR.
Frequency: 144.575.
Mode: Simplex Digipeater.
Location: Marleys Hill, Port Hills, Christchurch


Name: Christchurch VHF Beacon ZL3VHF
Frequency 144.2850 MHz Horizontal
Location: Canterbury University Ilam

Name: Christchurch UHF Beacon ZL3UHF
Frequency 432.2850 MHz Vertical
Location: Canterbury University Ilam

Name: Christchurch 6m Beacon ZL3SIX
Frequency: 50.040 MHz Horizontal
Location: Rolleston

Name: Christchurch 10m Beacon ZL3TEN
Frequency: 28.226 MHz