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We are an enthusiastic club with around 250 members who enjoy the many facets of Amateur Radio. We are keen to advance our hobby through encouragement of new members to it, and see it grow through clubs like our own.

If you have come along to our activities in the past or not, we welcome you along. Details of our meetings, and other activities can be found on other parts of this web page.

We try to have a variety of interesting topics and we have most of the business reasonably stream-lined, so that there is a maximum time for chin-wagging. We also have quite a lot of keen chaps who regularly undertake activities that benefit all the others, and we have found that those that are able to give a little time for activity to promote the hobby are the ones that become the most enthusiastic about it and the Club.

You might be saying “But what’s in it for me?” The following list may help :

  • The opportunity to meet others with a common interest.
  • Put faces to the voices you might have been talking to or listening to on the Amateur Bands.
  • To be kept abreast of what help is available in both technical and regulatory matters.
  • To be able to put forward your views, to be discussed among your peer group, on all matters relating to our hobby, and if endorsed, to have them promoted through the system.
  • To strengthen the broad cause of Amateur Radio by joining a very active Club and hopefully the New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters Inc.

Some of the service which the Club offers at present and which we hope to expand with growth of membership are:-

  • Monthly meeting nights including in-house technical discussions.
  • An annual “Equipment” (or “Boot”) Sale of surplus equipment.
  • Speakers from outside on matters of common and general interest.
  • Provision of repeaters on 2m and 70cm, and a 2m digipeater. These are open to all Amateurs but the long term viability and expansion rely on funds which flow from membership.
  • Provision of a Club Station for H.F. and V.H.F. bands.
  • Access to a growing technical and historical library.
  • Joint participation in Club stations for Field Day, JOTA and other contest and similar activities.
  • A source of help from others who have experienced difficulties with R.F. interference problems.
  • A full range of AREC activities, from Civil Defence and Search and Rescue communications, through supplying communications for sport and other public activities.
  • Technical advice for the newcomer for all aspects of the hobby.
  • Social functions including Dinners, Christmas Get-together, etc .
  • On a more sombre note, assistance in the handling of amateur radio aspects of deceased estates specifically the disposal of equipment.
  • Radiotek is an associated organisation set up to assist young people gain knowledge of electronics and radio technology. Please click on the link for more information.

For more information see the Contacts page 


If you would like to join the Christchurch Amateur Radio Club download a copy of our application form,  please fill out the forms and send them and a cheque to the treasurer they will put you into the system.

Peter Tyerman ZL3IA
37A Penrith Ave,
Christchurch 8024.